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Unique is your brand DNA

This is for you if:

  • Starting a business or raising funds for a startup
  • Running a business that has both a personal and corporate brand
  • • Struggling to articulate your value and brand story and planning next steps

Cultivate your story—show people what makes you great. In short, you will:

See your strengths, skills, and experience differently
Articulate your value proposition
Develop messaging that reflects your goals
Craft your personal brand stories

Develop a new mini-customer experience

Learn to talk about yourself in a whole new way

I want to share my awesomeness with the world!

" Kim has a process that helped me pull all the different pieces of my business and personal story together in a way that launched me to a whole new level.

Nataly Kogan






Can't seem to articulate your value and what sets you apart?

Every hero has an origin story. This is yours.

3-Session Workshop 

3 Thursdays 6:00 - 8:00  September 19 - October 3

$300 per person

119 Braintree St, Suite 503 Allston