Jill Pontiff

Director of Operations

Jill Pontiff

Jill makes it happen. She’s the internet of RedSwan5 things. Jill thrives in creating systems and processes that streamline complex projects and simplify communication for disparate groups of talented people that need to work together without ever actually meeting personally. What makes it more impressive is how she allows us all to produce our best work no matter what the final deliverable is — go-to-market strategy, web applications, sites, animations or mobile.

Jill comes to RedSwan5 from Fidelity Investments where she survived being the director of digital advertising and a senior interactive producer. Prior to Fidelity, Jill was a producer for Arnold Worldwide and The Barbarian Group.


Secrets You Should Know

  • I once told Adam Ant that I loved him.
  • I won a $1,000 shopping spree at age 15.
  • My first car was a 1971 VW Beetle named “Lady Jane.”
  • I read instructional manuals.
  • I changed a company’s dress policy by asking the right person “why.”
  • I hated cartoons when I was a kid, all thanks to Scooby Doo.